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Welcome to the Angelic and Mystical world of Michael Sue Scott, where intuition meets healing.

Journey with me into a realm where the cards reveal not just the future, but insights into your past and your soul's birth through early childhood, which had the greatest impact.  Our greatest learnings took place with our role models and many times with misunderstanding and misinformation. Understanding intent and circumstances allows healing in your relationships with compassion and love. My passion for readings began as a whisper and blossomed into a profound calling to guide others through their own life’s ancestral tapestry.

Each reading is a sacred conversation between our spirit and the Akashic record, interpreted with empathy and deep understanding. My intuitive approach blends personal insight with clarity, empowerment, and a renewed sense of direction. Whether you’re at a crossroads, seeking confirmation, or yearning for inner peace, I am here to help you and illuminate your path.

Embrace this invitation to explore the unknown. Together, let’s unlock the messages the universe holds for you. Always in Love & Light.


What they are saying about MICHAEL SUE SCOTT Intuitive Reader...

WOW! This lovely woman is absolutely and Divinely gifted! I am intuitive by nature and can feel deeply “heart energy” from other people and it became obvious immediately as I started this session that this angelic being has been brought here by ancestral angels. What an amazingly talented and genuine heartfelt reading I received from Michael. She was more on point and accurate than ANY OTHER healer or intuitive I have ever encountered! I was blown away by her gifts of gentle communication and at such deep level that she shows such true and pure caring. She generously shares so much information and she does this in the most helpful ways in order to make things work far better for us in life! I have already experienced such changes at my workplace and my relationships that it feels more miraculous! This “Life’s Work” for Michael is not just a reading for people like me who needed Sooo much more in this amazingly accurate life reading! Past present and future! I came away feeling as if I was floating on clouds, filled with such positive vibes, truly motivated and so VERY INSPIRED by all she did for me and I am humbly grateful for this guidance from above as Michael was encouraged in showing to me! Thank You is not enough and i WILL see you again soon! 
Namaste dear Gifted ONE! 
-Kathy Quam
Zoom Reading with Brenner and Michael

Brenner in Seattle

My partner passed 54 days ago, Michael knew things that I haven't shared with anyone. 

It was definitely what I needed and it will help me move through this loss. I highly recommend her services, I will be back again in another month or so.

Zoom Reading with Michelle

Michelle in Montana

I said I'd better call Michael Sue back because she was right! You told her not to hang onto the paper money because they would not value it and so she decided to exchange her paper for real silver.

Zoom reading with Arthur

Lori in Lakewood Ranch

If you're seeking a reader who is not only gifted but also compassionate and dedicated to helping you on your journey, I  wholeheartedly recommend Michael. Her genuine desire to assist others shines through in every session. Thank you Michael for your incredible insight and wisdom!.

Zoom reading with Kate

Kate from CT

My reading with Michael was so validating and uplifting. She told me things about myself only I knew, even down to a specific detail about me reading my tarot cards. She was dead on about so many things and I felt truly connected to spirit while talking to her, so much so I kept getting the chills like spirit was there with us. I left the reading feeling like all the things my intuition was trying to tell me were in the process of manifesting which I've been working on for some time and Michael even mentioned that. I will definitely enlist her talents again very soon.


Key in Tampa

I’ve had many readings with Michael Sue over the last few years, and she is always spot on. She is a very gifted reader and uses her gift to guide others through life situations, both good and not so good. I always call her when I need guidance, clarification or confirmation about something. I highly recommend her if you want real answers from a reader you can trust. She is the ‘real deal’!

Sebastian the "found" cat!

Maia and Sebastian

Michael Sue is an incredible intuitive reader. I had called Michael Sue when my beloved cat, Sebastian, had been missing for 2 days. Instead of just a phone consult, she came over to the house. We went outside and Michael Sue said she felt he was on the other side of the lake which was off in the distance a bit. I had never been on the other side of the lake as there is no clear path... Michael Sue left and within 10 minutes Sebastian was at the screen door wanting to come inside. I am so grateful to Michael Sue. She has also done several intuitive readings for me and I can attest to her ability to connect to unseen energies. I recommend her highly for her skills and compassionate caring.


Asena from Turkey

Michael’s reading was very uplifting, precise and insightful. She covered all important things from the past towards present. It felt like talking to an Akashic record reader with wise inputs. She is very sweet and I truly enjoyed my time with her.


Theresa in Venice

Michael Sue is absolutely amazing!! Spot on about everything. She helped me so much. I'll definitely be seeing her again. I will recommend her to my friends and family. I absolutely love her energy 💕 


I highly recommend Michael Sue Scott if you've never been to someone for intuitive advice AND if you've been to other psychics and you're looking for a new psychic who gives excellent intuitive guidance via Facetime and phone calls. She's a great virtual psychic. I've worked with her over the phone. Her psychic readings have helped me make decisions, and helped me to see the truth in a situation (even though I usually know it deep in my gut, but I don't always trust my judgement). When I'm not sure if MY intuition is cloudy, I turn to Michael Sue Scott for her intuitive guidance. For example, I was thinking about switching jobs, and she advised me to stay where I am because the new work environment I applied for might be exhausting and full of gossip. I already had a hunch that the new place would be catty, and she confirmed that for me (even though I never even mentioned my hunch to her)!!! She also knew that my current boss is male and that the potential new boss would be a female that I'd want to avoid. So I stayed put and I am SO glad!!! She has been right on about relationships (men and their intentions, strengths, and even their financial situation) and I love consulting her before I make big decisions. Book 20 minutes with her and you'll be SO glad you did. She also does 40 minute sessions if you have a lot of questions. I consider a call with her to be "counseling on steroids" and I don't even use a counselor for life advice anymore. I just use Michael Sue Scott. I trust her that much. 
Alissa in Colorado

Florida Green Bee
Michael was so great! Our experience was incredible and it has changed our lives for the best for forever! We definitely got the answers and hope we have been wanting for so long. Highly recommend. There is a reason she is the best in Sarasota :-)

Casey and Hubby in LWR

Michael Sue Scott has been given a beautiful gift! She has been right with her predictions numerous times in the two years I’ve known her. There’s no way she could know the things she does unless she’s truly connected to the universe. Although I’m 100% a believer, I’m still always speechless when my life unfolds exactly the way she told me it would.

I recently began a job search. She pulled the tarot card ‘offer’ and said, ‘you WILL be getting an offer,’ but added that there would be a delay.’ A few days later I received a call from the company I’d interviewed with telling me they wouldn’t have a final decision for 2 weeks and they were ‘sorry about the delay.’  I immediately thought of Michael’s prediction!

A week later a different job offer was extended to me. I debated accepting it concerned it might be my best option, but Michael encouraged me to be patient. ‘The offer was low because it’s not meant for you.’ She said I would hear something the 3rd week of the month and not to worry- it was being prepared for me. A week later I received a call from my dream job! I have an interview with them next week. It will be the 2nd week in October… time will tell what happens the 3rd week but I hope it will be good news. I encourage you to book a session with her. She will make a believer out of you, too! She’s the ‘real deal.’


Mentor to MICHAEL SUE SCOTT - Margie

photo of Michael's mentor Margie

MICHAEL SUE SCOTT Intuitive Reader, Trusted Psychic, Spiritual Intuitive, Psychic Intuitive. Energy worker and angel healer with spiritual guides bringing you messages of love with an inspired spirit connection. 
"My intention is to always work in Love and Light."
 “My work uses all intuitive methods and I specifically use sound vibration. I am a conduit for Archangel guidance and Ascended Masters and a direct channel. I am an acutely sensitive energy reader and I gratefully use my gifts to present practical solutions to your questions. I am an online psychic reader - no physical touch is necessary. As a virtual Reader, I use the sound of your voice to feel/understand your energy." 
Michael began more serious focus on her intuitive work in Dallas, Texas, in the 1990s, studying with many gifted teachers and readers in most acknowledged modalities. Inspired studies led to Michael becoming a Minister, an Reiki Master and a Spiritual Intuitive reader. Michael was on her spiritual path when a life-changing car accident allowed her to see beyond this lifetime in a very clear way. She saw life force energy and became more clairaudient and more clairvoyant. Faced with a decision to stay on this planet or move to the next version of life, she chose to help others in this lifetime. Michael’s most personally important teacher was her Tarot teacher and mentor, Margie. Not everyone has a guide that they knew in this lifetime, but Margie was a walking angel and she continues to be of service to all through Michael helping us walk with confidence in this lifetime." Other guides who come through as needed are mentors- SETH, of Seth Speaks, her first known guide and several Ascended Masters and Angels of different orders. Mother Mary, St. Francis and St Germain come through, as well as Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa. Archangel Gabriel contacted her March 28, 2000, before a powerful F3 tornado struck Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. “I have been blessed with beautiful communication from Beyond and I use it for the Highest and Best for all whom I read, guiding them to greater self-awareness and self-expression. I have been trained by gifted people throughout the years and have experienced so many things. I love working as a practical helper in the energy world and feel this is the greatest way for me to help society and individuals to keep moving forward spiritually."

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